Immerse yourself in your adventures.

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The Most Immersive Experience

When you watch your 3D videos through a VITRIMA headset, you will re-experience your adventures.

Perfect Fit

Everyone is different. Use the lens and screen distance adjustments to get the perfect view.

Expandable Grips

Fits plus sized phones. Any phone with a screen size between 4” to 6” will be able to fit in the 3D Headset.

Cushioned Front

The cushions are set up for maximum viewing comfort.

No Batteries

Don’t worry about charging or plugging it in. Just use your smartphone as the screen.

Simple to Use

Play all of your stereoscopic 3D videos with your new headset!

1. Put in your Smartphone

1. The adjustable clamps fit most phones with screens between 4” to 6”.

2. Play your Video

No matter who recorded it, you’ll be able to watch stereoscopic 3D!

3. Enjoy



Ready to watch your 3D videos? Awesome. Our 3D headset is all you need to relive your 3D experiences. Put your smartphone in and dive back into your experiences.

  • Uses your smartphone for the display.
  • Adjustable lens distance fits most people.
  • Expandable grip fits all 4” to 6” smartphones.



The Lens Bundle is the best way to get started with 3D. You’ll get both the Standard Vitrima Lens and the 3D Headset so that you can record and watch your videos! Start reliving your experiences and sharing them with your friends.

  • Save $9 on your 3D Headset.
  • Quick start to your 3D experience.
  • Be ready to record and watch your videos.
  • The best 3D recording and viewing pair.

$179.00 Includes Free Case
($20 Value)