The easiest way to transport your Vitrima Lens and your GoPro® Camera.

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We don’t like thinking about our gear when we’re out. So we built Vitrima Case. It keeps your Vitrima 3D lens protected and clean, with extra room for your GoPro® Camera and other accessories.

1. Tough Outer Shell

Our case starts with a tough outer shell to protect your gear. It’s durable so that you don’t need to worry about damaging your gear, but flexible enough to fit in a tight spot.

2. Cushioned Interior

The inside of our case is made from sturdy foam. It keeps all of your gear in place and protects it from drops and bangs. With extra removable inserts, you can fit lots of accessories.

3. Grab or Snap

The case has a thick strap that is easy to grab and take with you. But if your hands are tied, just snap the carabiner to your backpack.

An Exceptionally Versatile Case

Our case isn’t just for Vitima Lens, your gear can fit-in too. We built lots of removable foam inserts so that you can find the right spot for your GoPro® Camera and all your other accessories.


Vitrima Carrying Case has a durable outer shell that shields your gear. On the inside there is strong foam that protects your gear from impacts. If you’re serious about taking your videos to the next level, then this is a must.

  • Fits Vitrima 3D Lens.
  • Holds GoPro® Camera.
  • Space for accessories.
  • Tough outer shell.
  • Protective foam inside.
  • Removeable inserts for extra space.



The Lens Bundle is the best way to get started with 3D. You’ll get both the Standard Vitrima Lens and the 3D Headset so that you can record and watch your videos! Start reliving your experiences and sharing them with your friends.

  • Save $9 on your 3D Headset.
  • Quick start to your 3D experience.
  • Be ready to record and watch your videos.
  • The best 3D recording and viewing pair.

$179.00 Includes Free Case
($20 Value)