Here are some answers to questions that we get frequently.


  • My videos have 4 images on them

    GoPro® Camera have super wide angle lenses, which is cool, but not for recording with Vitrima Lens.
    You need to change your GoPro® Camera to record in Narrow Field of View? Here’s how you do that:
    For GoPro® Hero 4 1. Go to the video area
    2. Click the settings button
    3. Change the image quality to 1080p
    4. Change the FOV to N
    For GoPro® Hero 3 1. Go to settings area
    2. Change the image quality to 1080p
    3. Change the FOV to N
    Now get back out there and keep recording!

  • I see a ‘V’ or ‘Λ’ when filming poles or straight objects

    There could be an issue with the alignment of your mirrors. Send us an email with a link to one of your videos so that we can check it out:

Recording with Vitrima Lens

  • Which GoPro Cameras does Vitrima Lens work with?

    Right now we have models for the Hero 4 and Hero 3. More could come out in the future, but we don’t have any news on that right now.

    How do I watch my videos?

    You’ve got options. The best way is to watch the videos on your phone through a 3D headset. We made a video that explains. You can also upload your videos onto YouTube and check the 3D option.

  • How do I record with Vitrima Lens?

    Simple, just attach Vitrima Lens onto your Hero 4 or Hero 3 GoPro Camera and record in Narrow Field of View.
    How do you switch into Narrow Field of View? Like this:
    For GoPro® Hero 4 1.Go to the video area
    2.Click the settings button
    3.Change the image quality to 1080p
    4.Change the FOV to N
    For GoPro® Hero 3 1.Go to settings area
    2.Change the image quality to 1080p
    3.Change the FOV to N
    Now go out there and get recording!

About Stereoscopic 3D

  • What is Stereoscopic 3D?

    Stereoscopic 3D is a style of 3D video that uses two slightly different videos to mimic the two slightly different angles your eyes view the world from. (Check out Wikipedia)

    I have more questions, How can I ask them?

    Check out the box below!

  • How is Vitrima Lens different from normal Stereoscopic 3D?

    Typically Stereoscopic 3D is created by using two separate cameras. The problem is that then you need extra software to stitch the two videos into one. It sounds easy, but you also need to time everything correctly as well. Vitrima Lens solves that by using mirrors to create the Stereoscopic 3D natively in the camera.

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