The easiest way to start recording immersive 3D with your GoPro® Camera.

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Get the Most from Your Lens

Vitrima lens is the most versatile 3D GoPro® Camera lens around. Just put your Camera in and you’ll be recording in 3D.


Vitrima lens is ready to go anywhere. Attach it to your surfboard or take it wakeboarding.

Ready to Mount

Vitrima Lens comes pre-attached to a standard GoPro® Camera housing. Connect it to all your gear.

No Software

Your videos are ready to watch in 3D instantly. You can even live stream in 3D!


Don’t get tied down with tons of extra gear. Just add Vitrima Lens to your pack and you’re ready to go.

Built to be easy

You don’t need to be an expert to record in 3D. Just put your GoPro® Camera in the case.

1. Put your Camera in the Case

Vitrima Lens comes pre-attached to a standard GoPro® Camera housing. Just put your camera in.

2. Switch to Narrow FOV

Set your GoPro® Camera to record in narrow field of view so that you can record the 3D effect.

3. Watch your Videos

Use a 3D Headset to re-experience your latest snowboard run or your first skydive.


You’ll be getting the Standard Vitrima Lens. It’s pre-attached to a standard housing so it fits the grips and gear you already have. Just put your camera in and you’re ready to go.

  • The best 3D range is between 1.5 and 50 feet.
  • Take it swimming up to 3 feet deep.
  • Anti-reflective glass makes sure that you get the best recording.
  • The compact and durable lens is ready to go anywhere

$159.00 Includes Free Case
($20 Value)


The Lens Bundle is the best way to get started with 3D. You’ll get both the Standard Vitrima Lens and the 3D Headset so that you can record and watch your videos! Start reliving your experiences and sharing them with your friends.

  • Save $9 on your 3D Headset.
  • Quick start to your 3D experience.
  • Be ready to record and watch your videos.
  • The best 3D recording and viewing pair.

$179.00 Includes Free Case
($20 Value)